we connect responsible buyers and global artisans

travel and co-design




We aim to build bridges between designers, brands and qualified local artisans.


We travel to local artisan workshops to co-create product designs.


We employ traditional manufacturing processes that are embedded in the local ways of life.

Co-creating with artisans abroad

We can source and design homewares within the framework of each customer; designers, wholesalers and retailers. From unique and customized product lines and coordinating the proces of co-designing with local artisans to translate product designs into handmade craftsmanship.

We aim to build bridges between designers and local artisans by connecting both worlds. We have sufficient expertise in cultural & logistic challenges and are experts in creating new and personal collaborations with artisan workshops.


Our network consists of talented artisans and high quality workshops in several countries. We guide you through the proces of developing the sustainable & distinctive home and interior products. 

The journey considers particular places and employ traditional making processes that are embedded in the local ways of life. We use their ancient craft techniques in combining with contemporary, high quality but ethically produced homewares.


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  • Willem Buytewechstraat 45, 3022 BB, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • +31 ())6 28 39 65 70
  • info@fairfabrics.nl

Fair Fabrics is a social enterprise, which means that – like any other enterprise – we are marketing a product or service and we have a revenue model. However, making money is not our main goal; it is a means to fulfil our mission.

 A social enterprise aims to create social added value, also known as “impact”. We create impact in countries and regions that highly need economic support.